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Hotel Credit Card Refund emails

Wrong Transaction? Refund from Hotel? Your credit card is to get a refund? Something is wrong with this email!

It's like this: You receive an email saying that there's been a wrong transaction and that your credit card is going to be refunded. The messages urges you to open the attachment and fill the form so you can claim your refund.

Now just hang on a bit and be sensible! Did you stay at that hotel? Probably not. (It could be any hotel anywhere in the world). If not, then there can't be a refund, can there? Also, the message is about your credit card, and yet the senders do not know you and they don't know your credit card number either. So, it's a scam! It's also spam. It's ne'er-do-well nefarious people sending out bogus messages as spam to thousands of people.

What do they hope to achieve by it? Well, all they really want is for you to open up the attachment. If you do, and if you have a computer which still has Microsoft as the operating system, then the attachment could infect your computer with something quite nasty. If you've had the misfortune to have already opened such an attachment, I advise that you see about getting some antivirus software and maybe even some antispyware software to deal with the problem. Be on your guard though, because of another problem:

Typically the hotel refund credit card messages have a nasty habit of installing something in your computer which pretends to be antivirus software! The fake software is no good at defending you against attacks, but it pretends to, and after a while it starts to demand money from you. However, as the whole thing is a criminal racket of some sort it's best to eradicate the bogus software, get your machine cleaned by using proper antivirus software, and then beware of such things in future. There's also a guide to avoiding virus attacks which is a set of commonsense advice in the style of not letting bogus officials con-trick their way into your home!

Good Luck in defending yourself! The more of us know about these devious tactics of tricksters, the less effective the criminals will be in their attempts to swindle money out of folk.

You may be interested in reading the page of Scams, which lists a variety of nasty tricks and how to defeat them.