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It's a bit like , except it's in Belize! I had been planning to emigrate to Belize until a problem occurred, which I will tell you about as you may be interested. Belize has many good things about it and only a few downsides. If you like to avoid paying income tax on international income and you like the weather to be warm all of the time, Belize seems very attractive initially. I was so impressed that I went there for three months as a final check before my emigration, and I even bought a .bz website! So, what went wrong with Belize and why am I now moving to a different tax haven? Well, although diversity is accepted generally and celebrated by most people, there are a few narrow-minded people and some of them are in the police force. Also, in addition to there being widespread crime, some of it violent, there is a notable problem of corruption and police dishonesty. Here, let me tell you my story: First, the Indexgood and bad of Belize (which includes things they don't mention in the glossy tourist brochures!), then, the violent crime I suffered in Belize, and then the thing that got the country crossed off the "reasonable places to live" list, the police dishonesty. Any country can have crime to some extent, and in a tax haven you might need to build a "burglar proof house". However in Belize I consider it would be necessary to build a "police proof house"!

The reason I'm not emigrating to Belize isn't because I was strangled in Belize; it's because of police corruption and prejudice. If you can't trust the police, it's not a place to live! is well connected with the web spaces of Zyra's website to help to spread Zyra.BZ Status Lampthe bandwidth load across the servers at Vivostar

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Belize is in Central America and the Caribbean, see - where is Belize? It's unusual in being an English-speaking country in the Americas. Can you name any others? The USA for example?

Zyra's website has many thousands of pages, and some of them are hosted at the Zyra Belize webspace. Here is a summary of those Zyra Belize pages already on this webspace, and already some helpful Belize Contacts featured here. Note that although I no longer have any intentions of emigrating to Belize considering what happened, this webspace will continue to inform folks out there in the wider world about the facts. This page also links up to other webspaces within the local group at the clique.

There is a special mention of Best Western Hotels here, and in particular the Belize Biltmore Plaza! Also, there are likely to be various links to a variety of places as time goes on. There are some helpful Belize Real Estate contacts on here. People who have helped me get a special mention.

Since this phase of the website started, it has been quite popular, and has been looked at by many people.

The good and bad, interesting things, various helpful information, including the problems of Belize, can be seen at the main feature: Belize

If you'd like to read what happened to me, read The Problem I had in Belize

The cautionary note previously on here pointing out that truth can't be silenced, has now been replaced as I have escaped from Belize. The diplomatic negotiations failed to resolve any solution to the police corruption, which is a sign that the problem is endemic. So, a final conclusion is now added, bringing the story to an end. I move on.