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United Belize Advocacy Movement
a rights based approach to reduce stigma and discrimination

UniBAM - the United Belize Advocacy Movement - a rights based approach to reduce stigma and discrimination. The website was www.unibam.org but on last checking it appeared to have been taken over by a company selling "medical equipment", mainly watches for measuring heart-rate etc. I don't suppose the Gay Rights campaigners have moved into the business of selling watches, so I would guess that the site has become victim to cybersquatters. At the time of the problem, UniBAM - the United Belize Advocacy Movement - had links from the page about Belize, and from the page of Gay Rights, and from the list of Contacts in Belize, as well as supplementary page about Police Corruption in Belize

If you have links to unibam.org I suggest that you adjust them so they don't link to any cybersquatters. I'm sure the real UniBAM will get a new website soon. The old site was quite revealing, showing evidence of homophobia in Belize, including a photo of someone dead in a ditch, and some remarkable stories of misbehaviour by the police, problems of gang warfare, and other troubles in Belize which you don't see in the tourist brochures.

If you're looking for Unibam.org , this is not it. This page has been created just so the links go somewhere rather than nowhere.

Belize needs UniBAM, the United Belize Advocacy Movement, as there is an important requirement for a rights based approach to reduce stigma and discrimination. If Belize is to become part of the modern diverse world where there is toleration of people who are different in some way or other, then it needs to do something about the stigma and discrimination. Belize shames itself by having such an outdated view of LGBT, a view endorsed by quazi-fascist christianist religious extremists. It's time to move away from that, and have a modern approach to diversity. UniBAM has helped to make a difference, and so let's give encouragement where it's due.

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