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White Dogshit

Why you don't see white dogshit on the streets anymore

Many years ago we remember that white dogshit was commonly seen on the streets. The folklore of the time was that it was produced by poodles and some other breeds of small dog.

However, time has moved on, and now there is no more white dogshit seen. So, have some breeds of dog become extinct? Unlikely.

I didn't think about this matter much, until I went to Belize, where I noticed that there was white dogshit. Unlike in the UK where it was a thing of the past, whatever it was that resulted in dogs producing white dog-shit was still going in Belize.

The dogs in Belize aren't that different to those in other parts of the world, and Belize isn't the sort of place that favours pampered pooches of the type that were originally speculated to produce the anomalous white poo.

The answer is now known, and so in case you're interested to know the answer to this valid scientific question "Why don't you see white dogshit anymore?", I can tell you:

In the 1970s and 1980s, the diet of dogs included bones which were available from butchers. It was considered the proper thing to do, to feed your dog on food which included bones. Also, in the 1970s and 1980s, dog shit was produced and abandoned on the pavements/sidewalks, and it was one of the things people put up with.

Nowadays (2010), the diet of dogs has changed and dogs are fed on cans of mushy stuff. The idea of going to a butcher's shop and asking for bones for the dog is something of a bygone age, like asking for a respectable amount of fat on your bacon! Also, something that's changed since the 1970s and 1980s, is the idea of what's to be done about dogs fouling the footpath. In the old days dogshit was abandoned on the public street and often not cleaned up, whereas these days dog owners are expected to clean up after their animals by means of a small plastic bag.

What used to happen in the old days was that dogs whose diet included calcium-rich bones, would shit in the street and then the forces of nature would age the turds, turning them from their initial form (which requires no further description) to something which might best be described as "the skeleton of a turd". Ie, white bits bleached by the sun and washed out by the rain.

Anecdotal evidence from people who remember the old days says that white dogshit was powdery, crumbly, and that if a car ran over a white turd the stuff would crush to powder.

To sum this whole sordid matter up, so we can get onto other things such as why you never see baby pigeons, here are the facts:

1. Dogs used to have a healthier diet including bones.

2. The output of the dog's digestive system was left abandoned to weather.

If you wish to dispute any of this or to look into it further, you could do experiments, by having a dog on different diets, and leaving the dogshit out in all weathers and see how long it takes to change.

If you're wondering why this page is on the Belize Website, it's because this page was first written years ago when I was in Belize, but after I was robbed and also subjected to police corruption in Belize, the computer I had became stolen and the page was lost. In effect this page was stolen along with the stolen laptop, stolen camera, watch, cash, etc. I thought it was quite fitting to put this rewritten page about white dogshit up at the Belize website, as a tribute to Belize and to help to show the world a hint about it.

There is another page about dogshit at this site, which is the Dog Poo Wormery where dogshit is disposed of in an ecological way.